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U-bounce Fitness - a unique, fun way to revive your energy & get fit!

It's Simple, Invigorating and Fun


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Do you ever feel like going to the gym is nothing but a torture? Do you want to get fit? But can’t see your workout to be fun?

You know that going to the gym is healthy and will help you feel better about yourself but you simply can’t do it!

And then because you end up not exercising you actually feel the opposite – worse about yourself. What? How is that possible?

Well, easier than you may think. It’s OK though , you’re not the only one that feels that way.

Unless you’re a hardcore fitness person, the gym can get boring fast. Not a good option for your health, fitness and energy levels.

U-bounce solves that problem – it’s simple, invigorating, unique and fun!

So, what is U-bounce?

U-bounce is an awesome, fun, energetic, happy hormone producing, unique, simple low impact workout on a quality rebounder (mini trampoline). No class is ever the same! 

What’s really cool about U-bounce is that it doesn’t matter how fit, or not fit you are, how big or small you are, how healthy or unhealthy, or if you have any prior experience or not.

If you can walk; you can U-bounce! It’s that simple! I know, it sounds too good to be true but it is!

See it in action here...

I’ve been a fitness instructor/PT for 15 years and I haven’t found a simpler, safer and more fun way to exercise than U-bounce.

Kelly Bowen
Waterski World Champion & Professional Athlete, Alpha Fitness & Wellbeing

Check this out:

A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. The report said “for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running.”

NASA believes that “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” Even the NASA people are doing it.

“Your core-stability muscles are almost constantly engaged to keep you stable and balanced, meaning a tauter, stronger stomach and lower back. Using trampoline helps improve your whole body strength"

 John Beer, Olympic coach to the British trampolining team

Here are just some of the benefits you get with ‘U-bouncing’:

  • Metabolism is stimulated and helps your body deal with toxic loads more speedily and gets you a healthier body
  • Your heart and lungs are strengthened, welcoming a healthier supply of oxygen to your cells making you fitter
  • Unlike jogging or playing tennis, U-bouncing provides your body with an all-round energetic workout while reducing the risk of injury to your joints, especially in your ankles and knees
  • Bouncing on a trampoline increases awareness of your body and a sense of balance and coordination.
  • U-bouncing helps combat depression, anxiety and stress by increasing the amount of endorphins released by the brain. Regular rebounding sessions can help you relax, promote better sleeping patterns and give your more energy
  • Muscle tone is balanced as tense muscles become poised and lazy muscles bounce back to life giving you more energy
  • You learn how to control the coordination of the arms and legs while bouncing and to adjust the position of your body accordingly
  • Although ‘U-bouncing’ provides an intense workout for the muscles and bones, the mat or pad absorbs 80 per cent of the shock from the rebound.
  • Your circulation speeds up and gets more oxygen absorbed
  • Nutrients are distributed more efficiently which helps cravings disappear and also balances your appetite

Here's what you need to do next:

If you would like to experience U-bounce for yourself simply 

call Gaby 0438 319 918

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and book your spot now! 

U-bounce Fitness offers fun group workouts -  we have limited spots/rebounders available for the regular group programs and bookings are essential.   To secure your spot, simply call or message me your preferred class time and I will respond with a confirmation and payment link (total program fee payable in advance).

To enquire about our ad-hoc, tailor-made events/corporate team-building/ fitness-party packages etc. give Gaby a call! We are mobile and bring the bouncy fun to you!


Where and when:




We can't wait to welcome you there !


This is our original, unique low-impact,high energy full-body rebounding class that will make you feel on top of the world! 45 minutes of awesome fun from our energising warm up to interval-style training, tabata tracks, weighted ball & resistance band moves and cool down and stretch ! You will feel like you could go on forever, without feeling sore afterwards. This class caters to all fitness levels. Get super fit, tones the whole body & soul.


This is a fabulous class for those of you who love the U-bounce circuit  and our high intensity cardio fitness Box'n'Bounce classes, but can't decide! We u-bounce with longer interval style sets and  swap to fitness boxing (pads & gloves supplied) at the half way mark! This class is fantastic, if you have been u-bouncing for a while and want to shake things up a bit and rev up your metabolism.  Like with all classes, no class will be the same - we love mixing things up and keeping your mind & body guessing :). A reasonable level of fitness is required here. No prior boxing experience needed- proper technique will be taught. BYO: wrist wraps please 



Our high energy, fitness boxing class will make you feel like 'Rocky on a rebounder' -hahaha! Whilst we don't bounce as we throw serious punches, we use the mini trampolines as part of our props for our warm up/cool down and for some serious abs work. Boxing itself is a fantastic full body exercise, for your body and mind. It's an amazing stress relief and a great way to built muscles,  strength and I find self-confidence as well. Teenagers might really enjoy this class, too ( from 16 years+) during exam stress etc.. Boxing gloves/pads supplied. BYO wrist wraps please



Longer intervals (HIIT) circuit class, with each station being a cardio or restistance exercise on the rebounder- get fit super fast with this style of training and add an extra bounce into your day! You will get fit fast during this class. A reasonable level of fitness is advisable for this workout.

Here is what you can expect in your U-bounce class :

  • A low impact/high energy, cardio &strength, full body workout on a quality rebounder (supplied)- HIIT principal
  • Small friendly and happy groups
  • Motivating instructor, great music, lots of FUN!!! ☺

What are you waiting for?

Shake up every cell and muscle in your body, get your energy back and get fit while having fun


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Here's what some of our awesome U-bouncers say about us on facebook:

Annette Sharp5 starU-bounce has been a great start to my Friday mornings for the past 8 weeks. It's the workout you have when you are not having a workout - it's fun, it's friendly and it's great for your fitness and your inner self. I go to work feeling calm and accomplished. It's also been wonderful watching Gaby live her dream. U-bounce as a class and as a brand gets its energy from its creator....I have never seen energy like it! I'm glad I am supporting a local business while it supports my health. You go girl!

Babette Fahle5 starThe best way to get fit fast and have fun!!
Awesome, professional trainer, sunshine person, super quality rebounders!!

Kanishka Fernando — 5 starGreat friend...Great Trainer...Happy person...☝️☝️☝️

Gaby Kowalski5 starU-Bounce is something very special .... The classes are FUN and uplifting and you get an amazing workout without the pain... For years I have been unable to maintain my fitness because I did not enjoy the gym ..... Now I look forward to working out because the time flies, I have a ball and the trampoline massively reduces the next day sore feeling .... I LOVE IT !!!!

Ian McDougal 5 starGaby, you are an absolute star! Having (you) u-bounce at the recent Victorian Tourism Conference made people bounce and smile. You were such a refreshing addition to our conference program. Your energy is unlimited and you really put that element of fun and fitness into our breaks. Thank you! I highly recommend u-bounce to all!